National and international

Primary Crushing Plant – Tintaya Mine

Ultimate engineering. Change of higher capacity shaker and new design.

Cerro Verde II Expansion

Detail engineering. Comprehensive designs: structural, mechanical, electrical, piping, sanitary and instrumentation.

Impulse Lines – Toquepala Mine

Studies, designs, engineering development. PLS drive system.

Chilca I Thermal Power Plant

Transportation of desalinated water to the Chilca I Thermal Power Plant and the brine return emitter system to the sea.

Marañón metallurgical mining complex

Pre-feasibility study of own hydroelectric supply: Marañón WT hydroelectric plant.

Taboada Wastewater Treatment Plant

Study, design and engineering development.

Electric Mass Transportation System Line 1 – Section 2

Supervision and control of work for the preparation of the technical file and execution of civil and electromechanical works.

Block 76 Exploitation Platform

Develop a base camp construction and development schedule

New Ninacaca Supply Plant

Study, design and engineering development.

Package of environmental impact studies of road works

EIA of the definitive study of the rehabilitation of the highways.

Study of habitat and ecological flow of the Tulumayo river

It includes two years of records in order to calibrate an analysis model that allows determining the ecological flow compatible with the habitat.

Environmental management plan for Lake Chinchaycocha

Study aimed at establishing a sustainable management of reservoir and discharge operations for power generation purposes.

E.I.A package for water consolidation works

Archaeological evaluation, environmental baseline evaluation, biodiversity evaluation, environmental management plan and more.

E.I.A package port works

EIA of various works on the coast and the Peruvian Amazon. Study of the effect of new works on aquatic and riverside flora and fauna.

Environmental remediation of Lot No. 8

Definition of remediation technologies for environmental contamination caused by previous oil exploitation activities.

Study of the Hydroenergetic Potential of the San Gabán River

Development of a hydroelectric exploitation scheme consisting of four jumps with a net fall of 2,535 m.

Mollepata Hydroelectric Power Plant

Feasibility study. It will use the waters from the second tunnel of the Mantaro hydroelectric complex.

San Gaban III Hydroelectric Power Plant

Service for the development of the study at the pre-feasibility level of the San Gabán III Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Technical evaluation of adduction works

Evaluation of operating conditions of the driving tunnel and penstock.

San Gaban II Hydroelectric Power Plant

Engineering studies, designs and development.

SIEPAC Transmission Line

Distribution of structures, through the use of the PLSCADD Transmission Line Design program.

Transmission line 138 kV San Gabán II – Azángaro

Feasibility study. Definitive design and detailed engineering.

L.T. 220 kV Mantaro – Pachachaca – Callahuanca

Detailed engineering and construction supervision. Factory inspection.

Package of 8 transmission lines and substations

Supply control, warehouse management, factory inspection, detailed engineering review, easement management control and more.

Transmission line 220 kV Huallanca – Antamina

Study, design and development of Engineering for Huallanca and Antamina.

Package of 9 transmission lines and substations

Factory inspection, detailed engineering review, civil works supervision, electromechanical assembly and more.

Reduction of losses in the L.T. 220 kV Peruvian Coastal

Supervision of the study that analyzed in detail the situation of the Peruvian coastlines Lima - Paramonga - Chimbote, Lima - Pisco; and Chiclayo-Piura.

Cerro Lindo Project

Final engineering and technical file. Geotechnical studies, topography, archeology and easement.

Discharge of treated water from Pierina mine

Detailed engineering and construction supervision.

The Farm Project

Ultimate engineering. Development of tests to verify the quality of acid waters.

Yura Cement Plant Expansion

Detailed engineering of the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation areas; and complementation of the civil area.

Andalusian Plant

Construction supervision and assembly of the Andalusian non-metallic mineral concentrator plant.

Expansion of the Cobriza copper mine and concentrator

Definitive study and detailed engineering. Service for Centromín Peru.

Arcata concentrator plant expansion

Flotation circuit: replacement of the 4 cleaning cells with 2 new column-type cells.

Expansion of El Porvenir and Atacocha concentrator plants

Basic and detailed engineering. Expansion of El Porvenir Units from 4,900 to 7,500 tpd and Atacocha from 4,400 to 5,000 tpd.

Package of mineral water treatment plants

Barrick mineral water treatment, Lagunas Norte and Pierina.

New Pacasmayo cement plant

Engineering review and supervision of the execution of civil works and electromechanical assembly.

Mine Effluent Treatment Plant Design Package

Conceptual, basic and detailed engineering, including capital cost estimates and preparation of technical files.

Safe landfills for La Pampilla refinery

Basic engineering and environmental impact study for the plan for encapsulated dumps of removed oily soils.

Engineering package for the abandonment and closure of mines

Engineering studies, at the basic and detailed engineering level, of infrastructure abandonment works and mining works.

Package of closure plans for mining environmental liabilities

Developed at the feasibility level, including budget estimates.

Mine Closure Plan Package in Operation

Studies developed at the feasibility level, including budget estimates and the corresponding financial guarantees.

Chimay Hydroelectric Power Plant

Vulnerability analysis and risk assessment, including the Tulumayo riverbed

Aricota Hydroelectric Power Plant

Supervision of the integral restitution work of the penstock to its operating conditions before the Huayco.

Quellaveco water supply

Optimization of the feasibility of fresh water supply. Phase IV (basic investigations) and Phase V (engineering development at the feasibility level).

Package of Welded Hydroelectric Plants – Yanuncay

The Feasibility Study and final design includes the technical, environmental, economic and social evaluation of the project in its global context.

Hydroelectric Lavasén – Quishuar

Planning and identification of the hydroenergetic resources of the Lavasen - Quishuar basins.

Mantaro Hydroelectric Complex

Supervision of the replacement of intake grating cleaners, Tablachaca dam.

Topo Hydroelectric Power Plant

Supervision of the execution of civil works, transmission line, substation, transportation, assembly of mechanical equipment and electrical equipment of CH Topo.

Charcani V Hydroelectric Power Plant

Supervision of construction of the second and last phase. Design review. Detailed engineering of some structures.

Transmission Line 220 kV Zapallal – Paramonga

Design of the 220 kv Transmission Line Zapallal and Paramonga in Chimbote.

L.T. underground 60 kV S.E. Old Saint Rose

Study, design and engineering development. New Santa Rosa SET Line - Old Santa Rosa SET.

Energy Node – Thermal Power Plant 500 MW and L.T. 500kV

Engineering supervision, factory inspection and testing, and technical assistance for on-site supervision.

La Atarjea Potable Water Treatment Plant

Study, design and engineering development.

Expansion of Potable Water and Sewage Systems

Definitive study of ten large localities.

Junction Works of the Driving Line to Reservoirs

Definitive design including study of economic profitability, social evaluation and environmental impact.

Expansion and Rehabilitation of the Potable Water, Sewerage and Storm Drainage system

Final level project for the expansion and rehabilitation of existing systems.

Secondary Potable Water and Sewage Works

Planning, promotion, design, organization and community training, works supervision, monitoring, evaluation and adjustment.

Ferrol Bay Submarine Emitter

Preparation of the technical file and construction supervision.

Installation of Drinking Water and Drainage Systems

Elaboración del expediente técnico de la obra.

Ammonium Nitrate Plant

Study, design and engineering development.

Stabilizer Block 88. Las Malvinas

Basic and detailed engineering.

La Pampilla Refinery

Diesel oil supply system No. 2 to the Ventanilla Thermal Power Plant.

Biodiesel Refinery

Comprehensive project management.

Curaray Terminal

Detailed engineering of the port facilities of the river terminal.

Recovery of Liquid Hydrocarbons. lot 8

Definitive study and construction supervision

Pucallpa Port Terminal

Topographic and bathymetric survey

Toromocho Project

Topographic survey and control services.

Bathymetric and Topographic Study of the Marañón River

It will cover approximately 130 km of the Marañón riverbed as a study area.

Port of Callao – South Pier

Bathymetric survey of the concession area in the Callao Port Terminal.

Submarine Effluent Emitter

Monumenting and georeferencing of 2 geodetic control points for topographic and bathymetric support.

Electrical Interconnection System for Central American Countries – SIEPAC

Carrying out a forest inventory that included all the trees within the easement strip of the transmission line.

Yurimaguas River Port

Final design, detailed engineering and construction supervision.

Saramiriza River Port

Technical-economic feasibility study of the port infrastructure.

La Granja Mining Port

Feasibility study to select the best technical-economic option.

Puerto Pijuayal

Definitive engineering study for the installation of a port infrastructure.

Ports of Paita, Ilo and Pisco

Study for concession purposes to the private sector.

Pucallpa River Port

Studies, designs and engineering development.

Iquitos River Port

Studies, designs and engineering development.

Talara Refinery Liquid Loading Dock

Review of detailed engineering and construction methods.

New Container Terminal in the South Zone of the Port of Callao

Review of the technical file and supervision of the execution of works and equipment

Expansion and Modernization of the Port of Callao

Review of the master plan, development of basic engineering and detailed engineering.

New Peruplast Plant

Basic and detailed engineering.

New Mexichem Industrial Plant

Basic and detailed engineering.

Open Plaza Piura Shopping Center

Supervision and administration of the work.

Open Plaza Pucallpa Shopping Center

Management and technical inspection of work.

Building Tower 3 Leed

Work was carried out in the pre-construction, construction and post-construction stages.

New City of Morococha

Comprehensive management.

New Industrial Bottling Plant

Construction supervision and basic and detailed engineering.

Expansion of the Chlorine-Soda Production Plant and Phosphorus Plant

Engineering review, management and construction supervision.

Jorge Voto Bernales Hospital

Sanitary, electrical, mechanical installations, electromechanical and medical equipment.

Hospital Alberto Sabogal Sologuren

Construction supervision of the extension and remodeling.

Huancayo Regional Hospital

Comprehensive project management.

Bethlehem General Hospital

Project management for comprehensive remodeling and expansion. Work supervision.

Aurelio Diaz Ufano Hospital

Comprehensive review of designs and construction supervision.

New Cajamarca Hospital

Preparation at the level of technical file of the studies.

Hospital II of Abancay

Supervision of definitive studies, technical file at the level of execution of work and construction of work.

Liberty High Complexity Hospital

Construction supervision of the new high complexity hospital in La Libertad.

Moyobamba Hospital

Supervision of the preparation of the technical work file.

Hospital of Huacho RAS

Supervision of final studies, execution and construction of works.

Pisco Hospital

Supervision of preliminary studies, preliminary project, execution of work and equipment.

Albert Leopoldo Barton Thompson Hospital

Supervision of design, infrastructure and equipment.

Rioja Airport

Definitive study of rehabilitation of the runway and extension of the runway.

Jaen Airport

Supervision of earthworks and drainage works.

Chachapoyas Airport

Functional and structural evaluation of runway pavements.

Anta Airport – Huaraz

Functional and structural evaluation of runway pavements.

Talara Airport

Functional and structural evaluation of runway pavements.

Tumbes Airport

Functional and structural evaluation of runway pavements.

Contamana Airport

Supervision of works.

Yurimaguas Airport

Supervision of works.

Trujillo Airport

Functional and structural evaluation of runway pavements.

Tarapoto Airport

Supervision of earthmoving works, asphalt concrete pavement, drainage system and signaling.

12 Airports of the Provinces of the Republic of Peru

Preliminary studies: survey of information in the field, compilation of existing information.

Santa Maria I Plant

Diamond drilling work and inclinometer placement, inclinometer data reading and processing.

Existing Landslides in the Laria – Pilchaca Areas

Data collection (readings) of the topographic and geotechnical instrumentation for one year.

Andaychagua Tailings Deposit

Development of a geotechnical research program.

Landslide Stabilization 5 Tablachaca Reservoir

Control of the existing geological risk (movement of the slope).

Lagunas Norte – Leaching PAD

It is carried out with field work and laboratory tests.

Tailings package of the Cobriza Mining Unit

Control, quality and management of tailings and soils. Soil test.

Hydroelectric Power Plant 30 MW Topo

Review of the technical and final report of geology and geotechnics. Continuous geological mapping for the control and verification of safety measures in underground works.

billinghurts bridge

Supervision of the construction and assembly of the largest bridge in Peru, Billinghurst Bridge, 723 meters long

Chiclayo – Chongoyape Highway

Service worked in consortium with NIPPON KOEI CO., LTD., who had a 40% share, while CESEL SA acted as leader of the consortium with a 60% share.

Highway Tingo Maria – Aguaytía

Supervision of the Construction Work and Rehabilitation of the Tingo María - Aguaytía Highway.

Chilete-San Pablo Highway

Definitive study of this road that provides another access alternative from the coast to the city of Cajamarca.

Tocache Highway – Porongo Bridge

This service included everything related to the supervision, inspection, technical control, control of the conservation of the environmental environment of the work.

Chanchamayo – Villa Rica Highway

Section: Raither Bridge - Paucartambo Bridge - Villa Rica.

Yauri – Negromayo – Imata Highway

CESEL provided the necessary services for the Supervision of the Rehabilitation and Improvement Work of the Yauri – Negromayo – Imata Highway.

IIRSA South Interoceanic Highway Section 3

It includes the supervision of the construction and assembly of the largest bridge in Peru, the Billinghurst Bridge.

Hydroelectric Power Plant 140 MW Machu Picchu

Study, Design and Engineering Development

Lima National Stadium

Supervision of the Rehabilitation, Remodeling and Equipment of the Infrastructure.

Lima Convention Center

Supervision of Studies and Works

Captain FAP Guillermo Concha Iberico International Airport in Piura

Detail engineering. Functional and structural evaluation of pavements on the air side.

Santa Rosa and San Martin tunnels

Supervision of the Preparation of the Technical File and Supervision and Control of the Execution of the Work.

Improvement of Av. Néstor Gambetta – Callao. Section III-B

Construction consulting service for the supervision of the same.

Chamaya Highway, Jaén and Río Canchis

The service included the rehabilitation of paved roads, improvement of unpaved roads and the construction of bridges.

L.T. 220 kV Cajamarca Norte and 220/13.8 kV Cerro Corona substation

Expansion of SE Cajamarca Norte, definitive design and detailed engineering.

San Gabán Hydroelectric Power Plant

Automation of the San Gabán I and San Gabán II Power Plants and their respective Substations.

Environmental Restitution of Uranium Mining in Córdova

The services include the development of the Detailed Engineering Project for Environmental Management in Córdova, Argentina.

Electric Mass Transportation System Line 1 – Section 1

Supervision of the technical file, execution of civil, electromechanical works of the electrical system of massive transport of Lima and Callao.

Expansion of the Toquepala Concentrator Plant

Feasibility study, basic engineering, detailed engineering and supply management (procurement).

Sanitary improvement of drinking water and sewage systems

Project that benefits 900,000 inhabitants of areas with reduced economic resources in the eastern and northern areas of Lima.

Modernization of the North Terminal of the Port of Callao

Supervision, manufacture and supply of port equipment for the modernization of the Callao Multipurpose North Terminal.

Talara Refinery

Review of designs and works supervision. Installations in the liquid loading dock for the Petroperú refinery in Talara.

New Institutional Headquarters of Banco de la Nación

Supervision of the preparation of the technical file and execution of the work on a 3,815 m2 plot of land

PNP National Hospital

Supervision of the preparation of the Technical File, Execution of Work and Equipment using the fast-track Management system.

Drilling of the Tablachaca Reservoir

Execution of underwater drilling. 13 wells (diamond drilling) inside the Tablachaca reservoir.

Cajamarquilla Zinc Refinery

Topographical support necessary for the correct execution of the works and for proper progress control. Clarification of differences in volumes.

Modernization of the Chiclayo Airport

Consulting Service for the preparation of Pre-investment Studies at the project profile and feasibility level.