Huachipa Potable Water Treatment Plant


Project management. Preparation of the bidding bases, advice on the bidding, evaluation of the proposals submitted, supervision of the detailed engineering, supervision of the work and the assembly of the equipment. The new 10 m3/s drinking water treatment plant in Huachipa includes the works and equipment for the plant (first stage of 5 m3/s) and also an intake for 12 m3/s in the Rímac River, with its spillway mobile (3 radial gates), fixed spillway, reservoir dam and diversion, etc.) and the 27 km North Branch conduction line with a 2 m and 1.4 m pipeline and 2 tunnels of 5 km each.

  • 8 grit traps.
  • 2 conduction lines of 12 m3/s with diameters of 1.8 m and 1.6 m.
  • 2 pre-oxidation reservoirs of 9,000 m3.
  • 1 Multiflow system with 7 compact units (coagulation, flocculation and decantation).
  • 1 battery of 16 filtration units with speeds from 16 to 20 m/h.
  • 1 treated water reservoir of 77,000 m3.
  • 12 drying beds.
  • 1 distribution structure for the north and south branches.