Electric Mass Transportation System Line 1 – Section 1

Lima y Callao

Supervision of the technical file, execution of civil, electromechanical works of the electrical system of massive transport of Lima and Callao.

Line 1 section Villa El Salvador – Hospital Dos de Mayo (Av.Grau) crosses the following districts: Villa El Salvador, San Juan de Miraflores, Surco, Surquillo, San Borja, San Luis, La Victoria and Cercado de Lime.

The average commercial speed is 40 kilometers per hour. Supervision of the technical file and execution of the civil and electromechanical works of the electrical mass transportation system of Lima and Callao.

Review and approval of the complete technical file of the detailed engineering of the following works: civil works, elevated viaducts, stations, electrical supply (substations and catenary), railway, signaling and automation, communications and telecommunications of the access roads and workshops; service and inspection of rolling stock, railway and catenary, spare parts warehouse, operations control center, pump room, roads and perimeter fence.

Works done:

    • Supervision of the execution of civil works such as the elevated track and the 9 stations.
    • Length: 22 km.
    • Double track: 15 km elevated and 7 km at surface level.
    • Track width: 8.4 m.
    • 9 new stations and adaptation of existing ones.
    • 11 special elevated crossings with a box girder section (378.5 m).
    • 1,500 prestressed beams between 20 m and 35 m.
    • Average rail gauge: 5 m (vertical) and 9 m (horizontal).
    • Supervision of electromechanical equipment.
    • Communications and telecommunications system.
    • Signaling and automation systems.
    • Passenger control system.
    • Electrical supply system (1500 volt DC traction contact line substation and catenary).
    • Signaling, testing and commissioning, including reconditioning and modernization of existing rolling stock.