Tocache Highway – Porongo Bridge


This service included everything related to the supervision, inspection, technical control, control of the conservation of the environmental environment of the work and administrative control of the activities to be carried out, aimed at ensuring that the works are executed in accordance with the approved Designs and Specifications. in the Technical File, ensuring the quality of the works.

  • Length: 61+174.31 Km
  • Design speed: 60 Km/h
  • Pavement type: 7.5 cm hot asphalt folder. Granular base 0.25 m. Granular sub base e=10m. (Km
  • 31+750 – 61+174.31 km)
  • Rolling surface width: 6.00 m.
  • Width of berms: 1.20 m. on each side

Located in the region of Huánuco, province of Leoncio Prado, district of Daniel Alomia Robles and José Crespo y Castillo