E.I.A package for water consolidation works

Junin, Huancavelica, Puno and Arequipa

Archaeological evaluation, environmental baseline evaluation, biodiversity evaluation, environmental management plan, monitoring plan, contingency plan, abandonment plan and cost-benefit evaluation.

Some studies carried out:

    • Cochas and Piñascochas sub-basins, 70.2 hm3.
    • Quillón river basin, 56 hm3.
    • Moya river basin, 40 hm3.
    • Piñascochas sub-basin – Vieja, 11 hm3.
    • Macusani reservoir 110 hm3. Includes population displacement study.
    • Pillones Dam.
    • It includes archaeological exploration and rescue of areas to be flooded, constituting a site museum.
    • Angostura reservoir, 1400 hm3.