L.T. 500 kV Mantaro – Caravelí – Montalvo, and 220 kV Substations


Study, Design and Engineering Development.

The Mantaro – Caravelí – Montalvo Transmission Line includes the construction of a 500 kV line and complementary facilities, from the 220 kV Campo Armiño Substation to the 220 kV Montalvo Substation. An intermediate maneuvering and reactive compensation substation is included, located for reference in the vicinity of the town of Caravelí, approximately 760 km long.

The Machupicchu – Cotaruse Transmission Line consists of the construction of a 220 kV line, as well as new substations and necessary expansions in existing substations. The project begins at the 138 kV Machupicchu Substation and is linked to the 220 kV Cotaruse Substation. This transmission line will have an approximate length of 200 km.