L.T. 220 kV San Juan – Chilca and Substation Expansion


Study, design and engineering development.

Second Circuit of the L2208 of 48.6 km. ACAR conductor 442.7 mm² antifog insulators, metal lattice towers and reinforced concrete footings.

    • Repowering of the 48.2 km L2090 to a double circuit line with 2 conductors per phase 2xAero-Z of 301 mm², anti-fog glass insulators, metal lattice towers and metal posts, reinforced concrete footings.
    • Design of the 220 kV Lima Chilca Transmission Line, L-2090 and L-2208, making the selection of the route layout, topography works, accesses and distribution of structures.
    • Geology and geotechnical studies.
    • Calculation of the grounding system.
    • Price and budget quantity table.
    • Environmental Impact Study of the Alternatives.
    • Property management for Line L – 2090 and variants on Line L – 2208.
    • The Environmental Impact Study includes: Procedures and procedures before INRENA, INC, MEM, aimed at obtaining the corresponding approval.
    • Preparation of the Environmental Management Program.
    • Obtaining the approval of the Environmental Impact Study from the MEM – Obtaining the Certificate of Non-existence of archaeological remains – CIRA.