New Institutional Headquarters of Banco de la Nación


Supervision of the preparation of the technical file and execution of the work on a 3,815 m2 plot of land, located on the corner of Javier Prado and De la Arqueología avenues in the district of San Borja, Lima.

This building consists of 30 floors with an area of ​​51,220 m² for offices and their respective services, in addition to 4 basements for parking with an area of ​​15,260 m², making a total of 66,480 m² of construction, and 61,342.86 m² of total covered area..

On the first floor there is a bank agency, exhibition rooms and a double-height entrance lobby. Likewise, the project includes external water networks, drainage, water for irrigation if applicable, electrical networks, exterior lighting of the building, sidewalks, curbs and tracks. A helipad is located on the roof. The new headquarters is designed with the characteristics of an intelligent building, with “Leed Certificate” certification.

The Project had as its first stage the fitting out of 650 offices of 20.00 m² each (5.00 x 4.00 m) for the summit of the WORLD BANK and the IMF, and then, in a second stage, its final adaptation as the new institutional headquarters was carried out. of the National Bank.

The building is part of the Cultural Center of the Nation made up of the buildings that are in the surroundings such as the National Library, National Theater, Museum of the Nation and the Convention Center with capacity for 3,500. Finally, all these buildings are integrated by pedestrian paths, green areas, public lighting, benches, among others.