Environmental Restitution of Uranium Mining in Córdova

Córdova - Argentina

The services include the development of the Detailed Engineering Project for the Environmental Management of the Sites: El Chichón and Los Gigantes in Córdoba.

The Project is subdivided into the following Sub-projects:

1. Sub-project – El Chichón Detailed Engineering: The services consist of the elaboration of the Detailed Engineering proposal for loading and transporting the material collected at the Córdoba Site, in the area called “El Chichón” (approximately 58,000 t) to the Los Gigantes Site (considering a transport distance of approximately 120 km) and unloading at the latter Site.

2. Sub-project – Los Gigantes Detailed Engineering: The services consist of the preparation of the Detailed Engineering proposal for the Mining Environmental Restitution Project at the Los Gigantes Site, in the province of Córdoba. This includes slope stabilization; calculation of thicknesses and volumes of anti-erosion coverage and radon gas emission mitigation barrier; hydraulic calculations to evaluate water erosion; works of art necessary to minimize or channel them; use of available materials; management of liquid effluents from uranium mining; waterproofing of mining waste surfaces, dismantling of the treatment plant and other constructions; and other related tasks.