Electric Mass Transportation System Line 1 – Section 2


Supervision and control of work for the preparation of the technical file and execution of civil and electromechanical works. Provide the necessary engineering resources to supervise and approve the studies, designs and execution of the civil works and the electromechanical equipment of the electrical system. Likewise, the service includes the verification, approval and reception of the operation and start-up of the system, which will be in accordance with the levels of operation required during the operation stage. For the construction of the two bridges, over the Rimac River and the Evitamiento road, the technology of advance cars has been used, which allows the bridges to be built in the air, without the need for structures that impede traffic.

Works done:

    • Length: 12.4 km of elevated viaduct.
    • 4 special crosses.
    • 2 bridges of the segmented type or successive voussoirs of 240 m and 270 m in length.
    • 0.95 km of construction of riverside defenses on both banks of the Rímac River.
    • 1 third way.
    • 1 maneuvering yard (31,140.59 m2 of built area).
    • 10 passenger stations (27,223.44 m2 of built area).
    • Integration of section 1 and section 2 of line 1.
    • 1 high voltage substation (SEAT) 60/20 kV Bayóvar.
    • 1 transmission line 60 kV Jicamarca – Bayóvar.
    • 11 low voltage and lighting systems in passenger stations and maneuvering yard.
    • Double rail track.
    • Communications and telecommunications system.
    • Signaling and telecommunications system.
    • Passenger control system/fare collection and passenger stations.
    • Auxiliary systems, escalators, elevators, ventilation system, compressed air system in the maneuvering yard.