Topo Hydroelectric Power Plant

Tungurahua, Ecuador

Supervision of the execution of civil works, transmission line, substation, transportation, assembly of mechanical equipment and electrical equipment of CH Topo 29.3 MW. The service consisted of reviewing the study of the existing technical documentation, defining the hydraulic scheme of the project, supervising the detailed engineering of the civil works and equipment, and participating in the final inspection and acceptance tests of the works and the system. associated transmission.

Subsequently, the scope of the service would be expanded in the following: Detailed electrical engineering, automation and telecommunications, supervision of complementary geotechnical investigations and seismic refraction tests.

The construction of civil works, manufacturing, transportation and installation of hydromechanical, electromechanical equipment, communications and associated transmission and/or interconnection system were supervised and controlled. Participated in and controlled the tests for the start-up of HPP Topo and its associated transmission system. As well as accompanying the experimental operation of the plant.

Characteristics of the Topo CH:

  • Design flow: 20 m3/s
  • Net drop: 161m
  • Installed power: 29.3 MW
  • Turbine type: Francis
  • Nominal turbine speed: 600 rpm
  • Collection design flow: 22 m3/s