Ports of Paita, Ilo and Pisco

Ica, Moquegua y Piura

Study for concession purposes to the private sector. Determination of the infrastructure and equipment needs of three important existing ports on the Peruvian coast. Analysis of current traffic and its projection, possible new services to implement and the factors that will shape the future business of each port. Environmental compatibility and with the urban environment, as well as the requirements as intermodal nodes.

  • Port of Paita: Jetty-type pier 365 m long by 36 m wide with 4 berths.
  • Container yard of 25,000 m2.
  • Port of Ilo: Jetty-type pier 302 m long by 27 m wide with 4 berths.
  • Storage area of ​​1560 m2.
  • Puerto General San Martín (Pisco): Marginal-type pier 700 m long and 4 berths.
  • Installed capacity of 2,350,000 t/year.
  • Total storage area of ​​9000 m2.