PAFE Program: 6 Transmission Lines 138 Kv and 60 Kv

Ancash, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Huánuco, La Libertad, Piura and Puno.

Project management.

Project to expand the electric border that favors the socioeconomic and agroindustrial development of rural populations with a total of 390,000 inhabitants. The transmission lines involved total 424.4 km and are as follows:

    • Lines of transmission.
    • LT 60 kV Chulucanas – Morropón – Huancabamba and substations, Piura (80 Km)
    • LT 138 kV Huallanca – Sihuas – Tayabamba and Substations, Ancash (104.8 Km)
    • LT 60 kV Sihuas – Pomabamba and Substations, Ancash (35 Km)
    • LT 60 kV Cajamarca – Celendín and Substations, Cajamarca (59.5 Km)
    • LT 60 kV Majes – Corire – Chuquibamba and Substations, Arequipa (93.2 Km)
    • LT 60 kV Puquio – Coracora and Substations, Ayacucho (51.9 Km)
    • 12 small electrical systems (22.9 kV distribution).

    Small Electrical Systems:

    • Little System Elect. Sullana Stage II and III, Piura.
    • Little System Elect. Santo Domingo – Chalaco Stage I and II, Piura.
    • Little System Elect. Huancabamba-Huarmaca, Piura.
    • Little System Elect. Chulucanas Stage II, Piura.
    • Little System Elect. Sihuas – Quiches Stage II, Ancash.
    • Little System Elect. Tayabamba II and III Stage, La Libertad.
    • Little System Elect. Celendín II and III Stage, Cajamarca and La Libertad.
    • Little System Elect. Huacrachuco II Stage, Huánuco and La Libertad.
    • Little System Elect. Huari II and III Stage, Ancash.
    • Little System Elect. Chuquibamba II and III Stage, Arequipa.
    • Little System Elect. Pomata II and III Stage, Puno.
    • Little System Elect. Coracora I and II Stage, Ayacucho.