Reduction of losses in the L.T. 220 kV Peruvian Coastal

Lima, Ancash, Lambayeque, Piura e Ica.

Supervision of the study that analyzed in detail (1996) the situation of the Peruvian coastal lines Lima – Paramonga – Chimbote 220 kV, 387 km; Lima – Pisco 220 kV, 216 km; and Chiclayo – Piura 220 kV, 211 km.

Measurement of transverse losses with high precision equipment. Leakage current and corona effect intensity measurements. Analysis of corrosion and saline contamination. It is concluded that the severe meteorological conditions of the Peruvian coastal strip, due to the absence of rain, high salt contamination, dust and high humidity, are unique worldwide, with very high corona losses in some lines.