San Gaban III Hydroelectric Power Plant


Service for the development of the study at the prefeasibility level of the San Gabán III Hydroelectric Power Plant, which has been carried out according to the following detail:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the available technical information.
  • Formulation in office of alternatives for the scheme of works.
  • Field reconnaissance, planning and identification of alternatives.
  • Development of basic engineering studies.
  • Cartography and topography.
  • Climatological, hydrological and sedimentological studies.
  • Management and use of water resources with simulation of the operation of existing regulation reservoirs.
  • Mapping and geological surveys.
  • Geotechnical investigations.
  • Quarry identification.
  • Seismic risk study.
  • Environment Effect investigation.
  • Electricity market study.
  • Analysis of the electrical system.
  • Planning and technical and economic comparison of alternatives.
  • Selection of the optimal alternative.
  • Preliminary engineering project for the selected alternatives of the CCHH San Gabán III of 187 MW.
  • Power and energy production.
  • Construction methods and implementation program.
  • Estimation of costs and budgets.
  • Calculation memory.
  • Economic and financial evaluation.
  • Technical and economic evaluation and comparison with a combined cycle thermal power plant.
  • Preparation of final report.
  • Terms of reference for feasibility study.

Flow: 35 m3/s. Net drop: 622 m.

Headrace tunnel 14.7 km long and 4.7 m in diameter. Power house in cavern.

Transmission lines 220 kV, 173 km and electrical substations 10/220 kV and 220/138 kV.