Transmission Line 220 kV Zapallal – Paramonga


Design of the 220 kv Transmission Line Zapallal and Paramonga in Chimbote.

380 km long line, 500 mm2 ACAR/TW conductor, 330 mm2 ACSR/AW. Metal towers and wooden poles. Anti-fog ceramic insulators.

Design of the Transmission Line 220 kv Zapallal – Paramonga – Chimbote, in a length of 100 km, modifying the layout of the route of the line in the following sections:

    • Huarmey Section, Casma Section and Chimbote Section, carrying out the line selection, topography work, geology and geotechnical studies, accesses, distribution of structures, grounding system and table of quantity of prices and budget.
    • Preparation of the Environmental Impact Study.
    • Elaboration of the Property Management of the Transmission Line.

    Design of the following substations:

    • Expansion of SE Zapallal, 220 kv line cell.
    • Expansion of SE Paramonga, second 220 kv bar and two 220 kv line cells.
    • Expansion of SE Chimbote, 220 kv line cell.

    It also included:

    • Analysis of Electrical Systems.
    • Design of the Control and Telecommunications System.
    • Preparation of the Technical File.