SIEPAC Transmission Line

Guatemala, Honduras y Nicaragua

Distribution of structures, through the use of the Transmission Line Design program PLSCADD version 7.00+ using for the distribution of structures the module Optimum Spotting of the program. The distribution of structures was carried out taking into account the documents defining the design criteria for transmission lines and topographic information delivered by EPR.

The lines are generally simple circuit, with entry/exit sections in the substations in double circuit. The lines are equipped with: metal lattice towers, narrow base lattice towers and aesthetic poles, AAAC conductors of 500 mm2 and 2 x ACSR-HAWK, two guard cables, one with fiber optic type OPGW and the other type Alumoweld 7 Nº 8, ceramic insulators and polymeric insulators in areas close to the sea and volcanic areas.

Description of the Main Activities:

    • Transfer of topographic data to PLSCADD format.
    • Distribution of structures in the profile floor plans.
    • Verification of types of loads of each structure.
    • Verification of load conditions of each structure.
    • Preparation of lists of structures.
    • Preparation of preliminary design plans.

Design Lengths.

    • Guatemala: 278.1 Km. Sections: SE Guatemala North-Panaluya, SE Panaluya-El Florido and SE Guatemala East-El Salvador Border.
    • Honduras: 269.4 Km. Sections: Torre 43-Río Lindo, Amatillo-El Uvillal, El Avillal-Guasaule and Frontera Guatemala-Río Lindo.
    • Nicaragua: 311.4 Km. Sections: Honduras Border – Nicaragua Plant, Nicaragua Plant – SE Ticuantepe and SE Ticuantepe – Peñas Blancas.