Modernization of the North Terminal of the Port of Callao


Supervise the works, manufacturing and supply of port equipment for the modernization of the Multipurpose North Terminal of the Callao Port Terminal.

First stage:

  • Expansion and reinforcement of the mooring front of berths C and D of the North Pier, prepared for dredging at – 16.00 m. Construction of a reinforced concrete pier with piles attached to Pier 5.
  • Incorporation of new areas and construction of pavement for the areas where containers and general cargo will be stored, increase in bearing capacity.
  • Demolition of pavements and old buildings.
  • Improvement of accesses and perimeter fence of the Terminal.
  • Enabling of the area adjacent to berth D of Pier 5, for the maritime passenger station.
  • Dredging from the maneuvering area to the entrance to berths C and D with a depth of -14.00 m.
  • Construction of the following buildings: Administrative Building with five floors (4,900 m2), Maintenance Workshop, Repair Workshop and Container Washing, (1400 m2), RTG Service Area, Fuel Station, Electrical Sub Station, Amenities Block, Passenger Office, Capacity Zone, Fire-fighting Water Tanker, among other buildings.

Second stage:

  • Expansion and reinforcement of the grain dock (multipurpose berth for clean solid bulk) to allow dredging at -14.00 m. and the circulation of mobile cranes.
  • Construction of a tunnel for the installation of an underground belt.
  • Dredging to count on the grain dock with a depth of -14.00 m
  • Dredging of the approach channel to the grain dock at -14.00 m.

Equipment: STS Panamax quay gantry cranes, STS Post Panamax quay gantry cranes, RTG yard gantry cranes, reach stacker, empty handler, terminal track, trailers, mobile crane, ship loader and conveyor belt. Location: Callao, Peru.