Package of Welded Hydroelectric Plants – Yanuncay

Cuenca, Ecuador

The Feasibility Study and definitive design includes the technical, environmental, economic and social evaluation of the project in its global context that determines the feasibility of executing it, considering the pre-feasibility studies delivered by ELECAUSTRO.

The technical characteristics of the project are the following:

    • Quingoyacu Dam, made of earth, with a homogeneous section, 42.7 m high, with a total storage capacity of approximately 22 hm3.
    • Project of the CH Soldados, which takes the water directly from the reservoir, 7.8 km conduction, in buried pipe, design flow of 4.00 m3/s and an installed power of 7.33 MW.
    • HPP Yanuncay project, which takes the waters from the Yanuncay River, after the Soldiers plant, pipeline of 6,705 km in buried pipe and 3.22 km in tunnel, design flow of 5.50 m3/s and an installed power of 14 .95 MW.
    • SE Welded 10/ 22 kV – 6 MVA.
    • SE Yanuncay 22/69 kV 24 MVA.
    • LT 69 kV, 22 km long and with a transmission capacity of 25 MVA.