Iquitos River Port


Design, detail engineering, and construction supervision (1980). It is the largest port engineering work carried out in Peru. On the Amazon River.

  • Floating wharf with a steel structure of 183 m in total length with 2 bascule bridges that are connected to the ground by anchoring blocks fixed on steel piles.
  • Load capacity 550,000 t/year.
  • Storage infrastructure of 35,000 m2.
  • Redesign and supervision of manufacturing, construction and assembly for the reconstruction (1995) of the dock damaged in an accident.
  • Complementary civil works.
  • Adaptation of the original project to its new location 70 m upstream.
  • Feasibility study (2003) of the modernization of the port for the technical-economic evaluation of its current location or its possible relocation to ensure its operability and integration into the Amazon area.
  • Steel floating dock with a total length of 183 m with 2 bascule bridges for access to land.
  • Projected load capacity: 750,000 t/year.
  • Covered and container storage capacity: 35,000 m2.
  • Dredging works in pool and navigation channel.