Expansion and Rehabilitation of the Potable Water, Sewerage and Storm Drainage system


Final level project for the expansion and rehabilitation of existing systems, for a population of 135,000 inhabitants. Hydrological study of the Mashcom river, environmental impact study. Advice on the bidding process for works.

  • Supervision of works.
  • Water intakes, 300 l/s.
  • Drinking water treatment plants, 200 l/s.
  • Storage reservoirs, 5700 m3.
  • Driving lines, 3500 m.
  • Drinking water networks: extension of 13.6 km and rehabilitation of 23.5 km; 141 valves.
  • Wastewater treatment, 155 l/s.
  • Sewer networks: extension of 7.6 km; rehabilitation of 10.3 km and 3,000 home connections. Rainwater collection system: 22 km.