Expansion of Potable Water and Sewage Systems


Definitive study of ten large localities. Analysis of the existing system, field studies, basic engineering, detailed engineering and technical files. Drinking water supply system: collection, conduction, treatment, storage, distribution and home connections. Sewage system: home connections, collection networks, treatment, emission and final disposal. Population involved: 700,000 in the year 2000.

  • Sources: 08 new tubular wells and surface water capture from the Chira River.
  • Improvement of the drinking water treatment plants of “Sullana” of 500 l/s and “El Arenal”. New 600 l/s drinking water treatment plant in Curumuy.
  • Driving line improvement: 54 km. Drinking water networks: improvement of 87 km and expansion of 118 km with diameters between 100 and 450 mm.
  • Reservoirs: improvement of 25 elevated and supported between 500 and 4000 m3.
  • New elevated reservoirs (14) and supported reservoirs (2) between 500 and 3000 m3 each.
  • Sewer networks: improvement of 116 km and expansion of 60 km, with diameters between 200 and 500 mm. Drain pumping chambers: improvement of 21. New: 20.
  • Sewage treatment plant: total design in 44 hectares and optimization of 160 hectares of stabilization ponds. Locations: Castilla, Catacaos, Chulucanas, Sullana-Bellavista, Marcavelica, Querocotillo, Paita, Pueblo Nuevo, Talara and Negritos.
  • Location: Piura. Peru.
  • Preparation of technical files for 22 small towns affected by the El Niño Phenomenon of 1998 Diagnosis of damage and preparation of reconstruction projects.
  • Drinking water supply system: 15 km of pipes and 500 new household connections.
  • Sewage system: 20 km of pipes, 2,617 new home connections, 11 oxidation ponds. Locations: El Arenal, Colán, El Alto, Lobitos, Máncora, Sechura, La Unión, etc.