Iquitos Refinery Solids Dock


Comprehensive Study.

Technical Inspection Service of the Solids Dock of the Iquitos Refinery. The objective of the service includes carrying out a comprehensive study of the solids dock considering the times of extreme rising and emptying of the river’s water level.

It is necessary for Petroperú to have a facility with a similar condition to pier 2 to optimize its services, in this sense, it is necessary to convert the solids pier to a fuel product pier. The study included the following scopes:

I.-Field investigation:

  • Topographic survey of the land surrounding Pier 3.
  • Detail survey of the pier 3 facilities.
  • Sclerometry tests on anchoring massifs.

II.-Cabinet work:

  • Verification of the resistant capacity of the fixed bridge and the bascule bridge.
  • Verification of the anchoring system.