Mine Closure Plan Package in Operation


Preparation of closure plans for mines in operation and benefit plants. Studies developed at the feasibility level, including budget estimates and the corresponding financial guarantees. It includes forecasts of the conditions at the end of the useful life of the mines, the planning of progressive closure measures, final closure and post-closure activities so that there are no environmental liabilities. Engineering designs, budget, analysis and application of the financial guarantee system, etc.

Some of the closure plans carried out correspond to the following mining units or companies:

Cerro de Pasco, Austria Duvaz, San Rafael, Shougang, Arirahua, Arasi, Shila, Sinaycocha, El Brocal, Andaychagua, Raura, Comarca, Yauricocha, Aruntani, Ishihuinca, Paula, Vinchos, Carahuacra, Marsa, San Simón, Recuperada, Tucari, Antapite and Santa Rosa.