Modernization of the Chiclayo Airport

Chiclayo - Lambayeque

Consulting Service for the preparation of Pre-investment Studies at the profile and feasibility level of the project to improve the Airport service in the Lambayeque region through the modernization of the Captain FAP José Abelardo Quiñones Gonzales international airport in Chiclayo, where the investments in works are determined and equipment that allow increasing and improving the levels of service and quality of the airport, for users, complying with the standards established by national and international civil aviation organizations.

Project Technical Data:

  • Developed areas:
    • Landing strip expansion: 483 m²
    • Commercial Platform Area: 53,609.59 m²
    • General Aviation Platform Area: 38,576.90 m²
    • Loading Platform Area: 51,074.60 m²
    • Passenger Terminal Covered Area: 43,783.45 m²
    • Covered area of ​​other buildings: 43,810.27 m²
  • Project Components:
    • Corpac administrative building
    • Corpac control tower
    • ARO/AIS Corpac Office
    • Load terminal
    • SEI fire station
    • Aviary Control
    • flying club
    • Aircraft hangar type AlB and C
    • electrical substation
    • service block
    • Police station
    • Maintenance workshop
    • sanitary block
    • fuel plant
    • Access control booth