National and international

Electric Power

SIEPAC Transmission Line

Distribution of structures, through the use of the PLSCADD Transmission Line Design program.

Transmission line 138 kV San Gabán II – Azángaro

Feasibility study. Definitive design and detailed engineering.

L.T. 220 kV Mantaro – Pachachaca – Callahuanca

Detailed engineering and construction supervision. Factory inspection.

Package of 8 transmission lines and substations

Supply control, warehouse management, factory inspection, detailed engineering review, easement management control and more.

Transmission line 220 kV Huallanca – Antamina

Study, design and development of Engineering for Huallanca and Antamina.

Package of 9 transmission lines and substations

Factory inspection, detailed engineering review, civil works supervision, electromechanical assembly and more.