Highway Tingo Maria – Aguaytía


Supervision of the Construction Work and Rehabilitation of the Tingo María – Aguaytía Highway, Section II: Chinese Bridge – Aguaytía.

  • Length: 42.34 Km
  • Pavement type: Hot asphalt layer e=10 cm
  • Road width: 6.60 m with berms on both sides of 1.20 m
  • Altitude of section: Varies from 293.34 meters above sea level to 1,117.39 meters above sea level

The service includes the supervision of the execution of:

  • Earth movements
  • Cut in unclassified loose material: 673,451.50 m³


  • Granular basis: 40,740.70 m³
  • Primer: 377,934.50 m 2
  • Asphaltic folder: 37,655.60 m³


  • Reinforced concrete walls, walls with gabions, crowning ditches. curbs, riparian defenses and construction of reinforced concrete speed bumps, concrete culverts, TMC culverts, subdrains and triangular lined gutters.

Service worked in consortium with Lagesa Ingenieros Consultores SA