IIRSA South Interoceanic Highway Section 3

Madre de Dios

It includes the supervision of the construction and assembly of the largest bridge in Peru, the Billinghurst Bridge.

Review of the Technical File, Supervision of the Preparation of the Detailed Engineering Studies and Definitive Study of the Environmental Impact, Supervision of the Execution of the Concession Works, Supervision of Trafficability and the Maintenance and Conservation of Section 3 Inambari – Iñapari of the southern road corridor, Peru – Brazil, which would form part of the road axis that will link the ports of the Pacific Ocean of Peru with the ports of the Atlantic Ocean of Brazil. Includes supervision of the construction and assembly of the largest bridge in Peru, Billinghurst Bridge (723 m long, suspension bridge with a span of 528 m, metallic superstructure of 2,500 tons: towers, stiffening beams, tension cables and hangers ).

Main features:

  • Road length: 410,132 km
  • Road Width: 6.60 ml
  • Berm Width: 1.20 ml
  • Bilayer Surface Treatment: 389.35 km
  • Hot asphalt layer: 14.00 km
  • Granular base 20cm: 213.53 km
  • Base stabilized with cement: 189.83 km
  • Sub base stabilized with cement: 43.60 km
  • Sub base stabilized with lime: 146.23 km
  • Granular sub base 22cm: 213.53 km

Metrics of Games Executed:

  • Bridges: 1,021.65 ml
  • Loose material excavation: 2,026,220 m3
  • Loose rock excavation: 215,749 m3
  • Fixed rock excavation: 147,817 m3
  • Embankment conformation with quarry material: 3,579,098 m3

Main Characteristics of Supervised Additional Works:

1. Construction of the William Billinghurst Bridge
a. Completion of the Construction of the William Billinghurs Bridge

  • Hanging metal structure: 528 ml
  • Reinforced concrete slab: 20 cm thick
  • Cold asphalt layer: 2”

b. Reinforcement and/or Repair of the Anchorage Chambers of the Guillermo Billinghurst Bridge

2. Urban Crossing through the City of Puerto Maldonado Section 1 and 2
a. Length: 5-717 km
b. Concrete pavement with portland cement: variable section (e=20 cm average)

3. Junction International Bridge over the Acre River Km. 709+822.61 to Km. 710+132.759
a. Length: 1,538 km
b. Pavement: At TSB level