50 years of engineering experience

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CESEL SA is a private, multidisciplinary Peruvian consulting engineering firm, with a well-deserved prestige acquired through the successful development of complex engineering projects. Its high technical level, experience and business capacity are reflected in the development of multiple consulting services, such as studies, designs, assembly and works supervision, project management, construction management, factory inspections, environmental studies, etc.

It began operations in 1972, and in its early years CESEL focused more on civil and structural designs, as well as port and heavy industry projects.

Its activities quickly expanded to cover practically the entire range of engineering consulting services, mainly in the areas of hospitals and health centers, buildings, airports, road works, transmission and distribution systems for electricity, drinking water and sewage, port, maritime and fluvial terminals, hydroelectric and thermal generation, environment, mining, iron and steel, irrigation, dams and tunnels, mechanics and heavy industry, hydrocarbons, refineries, energy conservation, control and telecommunications.

Engineering is the art of using the instruments that science provides us so that, through ingenuity, solutions are generated that provide well-being and progress, respecting the environment that surrounds us.

Ing. Delgado Sayán


CESEL is strongly committed to satisfying the requirements of its customers, and for this purpose it has had the Quality Certification under the ISO 9001 Standard since 2004, which is recertified every 3 years and remains valid to date. This certification is under the UKAS accreditation, and whose scope covers all the services provided by the company: Studies, design and engineering development, Supervision of studies and works, and Management of engineering and construction projects.

Likewise, CESEL is committed to the conservation and improvement of the environment and the maintenance of occupational health and safety, guiding its activities in accordance with the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards since 2008, and ISO 45001 replacing OHSAS 18001 since in 2019 under the UKAS accreditation, implementing an integrated management system: Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. Under the commitment of continuous improvement.

Since 2012 we have the 1SO/IEC 17025 accreditation for our Geotechnical and Concrete laboratory according to Registry N° LE-071 INACAL.

Also in 2022, it was certified with the ISO 37001 anti-bribery management system, accredited by EMA, strengthening the prestige of the organization with respect to taking preventive actions in order to avoid any act of bribery.




ISO 9001 Certificate

Quality Management System

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ISO 14001 Certificate

Environmental Management System

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ISO 45001 Certificate

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

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Certificate ISO 37001

Anti-Bribery Management System

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ISO 17025 Certificate

Certificate for Testing and Calibration Laboratories

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Our mission

Contribute to the development of Peru and the countries where it operates, as well as Peruvian and international engineering, through the engineering and testing services it provides.


Our vision

Maintain leadership in engineering consulting and be recognized for the reliability and quality of our tests in Peru. Expand CESEL's presence in other countries of the Region.


Sep 1972
CESEL Foundation

Start of CESEL operations.

May. 1981
Mantaro - Pachachaca - Callahuanca

220 kv line and epansion of subtations.

Dec. 1986
Chavimochic III Project

Chavimochic III

Sep. 1987
Charcani V Hydroelectric Power Plant

Comprehensive review of designs. Supervision of works in Arequipa.

Jul. 1988
Chavimochic Irrigation

Supervision of detailed engineering and construction of Package A, Mother channel.

Dec. 1991
C.H. San Gabán I

Feasibility study, definitive design and detailed engineering, 110 MW.

Aug. 1995
C.H. San Gabán II

Feasibility study, definitive design and detailed engineering, 110 MW.

Jul. 1997
Expansion of the Port of Callao

Engineering study and construction supervision for the expansion and modernization.

Sep. 1997
Silver Wedding Anniversary

CESEL celebrates 25 years developing engineering projects.

Mar. 1999
Machu Picchu Hydroelectric Power Plant

Rehabilitation and repowering studies, 140 MW.

Ene. 2003
Geotechnical and Concrete Laboratory

Cesel opens his laboratory.

Jun. 2003
Sanitary improvement of drinking water in the North and East areas of Lima

Project management, design and construction supervision of the drinking water and sewerage toilet.

Apr. 2004
ISO 9001 certification

CESEL obtains the quality management certificate

Oct. 2005
SIEPAC Georeferenced System

Forest inventory in the easement strip of the SIEPAC transmission line.

Oct. 2005
Electrical Interconnection System of Central America

For the countries of Central America, SIEPAC, line selection and topographic survey.

Apr. 2006
Billinghurts Bridge

Construction and assembly supervision.

Apr. 2006
IIRSA South Interoceanic Highway

Supervision of the Inambari - Iñapari section of the Southern Road Corridor, Peru and Brazil.

May. 2007
ISO 9001 Laboratory Certification

CESEL obtains the quality management certificate for its laboratory.

Jan. 2008
C.H. San Gabán II

Pre-feasibility study, 187 MW.

Apr. 2008
Container Terminal South Zone of the Port of Callao

Review of the technical file and supervision of the execution of works and equipment.

May. 2008
Luis Negreiros Vega Polyclinic

Construction supervision, 120 beds.

Jul. 2008
L.T. Mantaro, Caravelí and Montalvo

Comprehensive Study for L.T. of 500 kv, including 3 substations of 500 kv.

Oct. 2008
OHSAS 18001 Certification

CESEL obtains the international certificate for the management of Safety and Health at Work (SST)

Oct. 2008
ISO 14001 certification

CESEL obtains the environmental management certificate.

Jun. 2009
Huachipa Water Treatment Plant

Definitive study of soil mechanics for foundation purposes of the new water line project

Jul. 2009
Landslide Stabilization 5 Tablachaca

Definitive design of the stabilization works of the Tablachaca reservoir.

Agu. 2009
Soldiers Hydroelectric Project - Yanuncay

Definitive and feasibility study, 22 MW.

Dec. 2009
Lima National Stadium

Supervision of Rehabilitation and Remodeling, Chap. 42,500 people.

Jan. 2010
Electric Mass Transportation System Line 1 - Section 1

Supervision of the construction of Line 1, Lima and Callao.

May. 2010
New City of Morococha

Procurement service, construction management and construction supervision, 5,000 inhabitants.

Dec. 2010
Photovoltaic Solar Plants

Topographic and geodetic service in areas called Tacna and Panamericana.

Jun. 2011
Topo Hydroelectric Power Plant

Complementation of designs and construction supervision, 30 MW.

Jul. 2011
Electric Mass Transportation System Line 1 - Section 2

Construction supervision and control of Line 1, Lima and Callao.

Sep. 2012
Ruby Wedding Anniversary

CESEL celebrates 40 years developing engineering projects.

Oct. 2012
Modernization of the Multipurpose North Terminal of the Port of Callao

Supervision of works, manufacture and supply of port equipment.

Oct. 2012
ISO 17025 Laboratory Certification

CESEL obtains the test and calibration certificate for its laboratory.

Jun. 2013
New Pacasmayo Cement Plant

Engineering review and supervision of the execution of civil works and electromechanical assembly

Dec. 2013
National bank

Supervision of new headquarters, 66,000 m² and 30 floors.

Apr. 2014
Convention Center

Construction supervision and technical file, 86700 m².

Apr. 2014
Supervision of studies and works

Electromechanical works, rolling stock, automatic train driving system and tests.

Apr. 2014
Av. Néstor Gambetta, Section III-B

Supervision of the study and work.

May. 2014
New Ilo Terminal

Basic engineering of the new Ilo fuel storage terminal.

Set. 2014
Jorge Chavez International Airport

Supervision of the new terminal and second runway, 3500 meters.

Sep. 2014
Lima, Canta and Huayllay Highway

Supervision of improvement, rehabilitation and conservation, 206 km.

Apr. 2016
National Hospital PNP Luis N. Sáenz

Supervision of the preparation of the technical file and execution of work, 16,222 m².

Dec. 2017
Ctra. Andahuaylas, Pampachiri and Negromayo

Supervision of road management, improvement and maintenance by service levels (179.6km)

Jun. 2019
ISO 45001 certification

CESEL obtains the Occupational Health and Safety (SST) certificate in replacement of OHSAS 18001.

Sep. 2022
Golden Wedding Anniversary

CESEL celebrates 50 years developing engineering projects.

Set. 2022
ISO 37001 Certification of the Anti-Bribery Management System

CESEL obtains the Anti-Bribery Management System Certificate.