Lima National Stadium


Supervision of the Rehabilitation, Remodeling and Equipment of the Infrastructure.

Capacity of 42,500 people.

The artificial turf was changed to natural, the implementation of new seats in the stands, new dressing rooms located under the Western area, 10 elevators, 11 new evacuation doors, the expansion of the SSHH, the construction of 390 boxes and 02 basements with capacity for 700 vehicles under the south esplanade.

    • Supervision of civil works in zones A and B that comprise the West, East, North and South sectors.
    • Supervision of the manufacture and assembly of roof structures and supply and installation of membrane covering, repair of stands and stairs.
    • Supervision of the water system against fire, electrical system zone A and B.
    • Total covered area of ​​49,306.55 m².