Arcata concentrator plant expansion


Crushing circuit: replacement of 4 crushers.

Grinding circuit: replacement of the existing mill with an 8’x10′ ball mill and addition of a 9.5’x12′ primary mill. Hydrocyclone battery replacement; incorporation of 2 additional fine hoppers, with a capacity of 500 t each; enlargement of the milling hall.

Flotation circuit: replacement of the 4 cleaning cells with 2 new column-type cells. Installation of a third bank of cells, including 12 Rougher flotation cells and 8 Scavenger cells.

Thickening circuit and tailings deposit: installation of a 70′ Ø High Rate thickener and installation of a high-density pump for pumping tailings. The project includes the reinstallation and remodeling of auxiliary equipment (conveyor belts, shakers, water pipe systems, etc.).