Yura Cement Plant Expansion

Paita, Piura

Detailed engineering of the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation areas; and complementation of the civil area.

  • Raw materials: reception, crushing, classification and stacking facilities for 5,000 t of iron, 5,000 t of slate, 20,000 t of limestone; 800 t/h of limestone homogenization.
  • Crude grinding of 340 t/h and coal of 28 t/h; It includes hoppers, vertical mills, cyclones, coal handling and mixture dosage, hot gas regulation and pollution control.
  • Homogenization silo of 9000 m3.
  • Rotary oven 5 m Ø x 65 m long; It includes a 5-stage preheating system and a subsequent clinker cooler with heat recovery systems and treatment of final process gases.
  • Auxiliary services: compressed air, water network, fire-fighting system, R500 fuel storage.
  • Electrical system and instrumentation: 138 kV transmission, 2 transformers of 20 MVA, Scada system for supervision and control.