Ayacucho-Abancay Highway. Section: Dv. Kishuara – Sahuinto Bridge


Supervision of works

The service includes the supervision of the rehabilitation and improvement of the Ayacucho – Abancay highway, section Dv. Kishuara – Sahuinto Bridge (77.12 Km). The Ayacucho – Abancay highway is part of the PE-3S national route, developing through sectors of undulating, rugged and very rugged topography, especially in the Kishuara (3,686 masl) – Pte. Sahuinto (1,791 masl) section.

According to the characteristics of the road, it can be subdivided into three subsections:

Kurabamba Detour: Highway with an average width of 3.50 m.
Kurabamba – Alfapata: The road characteristics correspond to a local road. Average width of 5.00 m.
Alfapata – Pte. Sahuinto: Average width of 8.00 m
Location: Apurimac, Peru