L.T. 220 kV Cajamarca Norte and 220/13.8 kV Cerro Corona substation


Expansion of SE Cajamarca Norte, definitive design and detailed engineering.

Final level engineering design, 34 km long, 500 mm² AAAC conductor, 70 mm² EHS guard cable, fiber optic cable, OPGW of 24 fibers and 108 mm², ceramic insulators and reinforced concrete foundations and metal grill.

Expansion of the SE Cajamarca Norte, 220 kV line cell. New SE Cerro Corona 220/13.8 kV.

The studio comprises the following facilities:

    • Geology and geotechnical studies.
    • Expansion of the SE Cajamarca Norte 220 kV, for a new line bay.
    • Overhead transmission line 220 kV, simple triplet, 33.5 km long.
    • New SE Cerro Corona, 220/33 kV, 40/50 MVA.
    • Telecommunications and control system.
    • Bank of capacitors 6 MVAR, 10 kV, in SE Trujillo Norte.

The main activities carried out are:

    • Basic and conceptual engineering of the project.
    • Analysis of the electrical system through calculations of power flow and short circuit.
    • Environment Effect investigation.
    • Management of easement.
    • Definitive study of the project, including: Descriptive Report, Technical Specifications, Plans, Calculation Memories and metrics.
    • Preparation of the Tender File.
    • Schedule of execution and implementation of the project.
    • The project budget.