San Gaban II Hydroelectric Power Plant


Engineering studies, designs and development.

The main activities were the following:

San Gabán II Hydroelectric Power Plant (110 MW, 644 m. useful head)

    • Feasibility study, basic engineering study. 1,200 m. of diamond drilling, including a 465 m inclined drill; as well as 100 m of exploratory tunnel.
    • Regulating reservoir with a useful volume of 140,000 m³ and a 428 m long bypass channel.
    • Pressure headrace tunnel of 7,045 m. long and 3.60 m. nominal diameter.
    • Powerhouse cavern of 51 x 18.60 m. base and 29 m. Tall. With two Pelton turbogenerator groups of 55 MW nominal power each.
    • Electricity market studies.
    • Transformer substation 138 kV, 125 MVA, in cavern, and insulated cables 138 kV, XLPE, exit to the outside; as well as the 138 kV San Gabán II switchyard; and the 138 kV Azángaro arrival substation (Puno).
    • Transmission Line San Gabán II – Azángaro 138 kV, double circuit, 160 km.
    • Environment Effect investigation.

    San Gabán River Water Settlement (Macusani Dam)

    • Basic engineering studies, 600 m of diamond drilling were carried out.
    • Detailed engineering of the regulation hydraulic works: zoned fill dam 71 m high, 10 m wide and 410 m long, surface spillway with rapid channel and ski jump for 423m³/s and 316 m. long
    • Diversion and bottom discharge tunnel for 20m³/s, with valve chamber and 460 m long.
    • Service discharge tunnel and valve chamber, for 20m³/s and 218 m long.
    • 243 m long drainage gallery.
    • 70 m long injection gallery.
    • Access gallery to valve chamber 185 m long.

    San Gabán I Hydroelectric Power Plant (110 MW, 544 m. useful head)

    • Complete updating of the feasibility study, elaboration of basic engineering studies. 1,050 m were made. of diamond drilling and a 300 m exploratory tunnel.
    • Catchment and sand removal works for 22.6 m³/s in the San Gabán River.
    • Regulating reservoir with a useful volume of 94,000 m³ and a 171 m long bypass channel.
    • 20 x 53 m powerhouse cavern. and 29m high. With 2 Pelton turbogenerator groups of 55 MW nominal power each.
    • 138 kV transformer substation in cavern; including XLPE insulated cables at 138 kV for the exit to the outside; as well as the 138 kV San Gabán 1 Key Yard; and expansion of Patio de Llaves San Gabán 11 for interconnection with San Gabán 1; and Expansion of the 138 kV Azángaro Substation. Automation of the San Gabán I and San Gabán II Power Plants and their respective Substations.