L.T. 220 kV Mantaro – Pachachaca – Callahuanca

Huancavelica, Junín y Lima

Detailed engineering and construction supervision. Factory inspection.

The most important transmission system built in Peru in the 1980s. It includes:

    • 268 km line, double circuit, double guard cable 70 mm2 EHS.
    • steel towers. ACSR Curlew and Pheasant conductors. Maximum altitude 5060 meters above sea level. Maximum span: 1,820 m, located at 3,600 masl.
    • Pachachaca substation encapsulated in SF6, installed at 4000 meters above sea level. Extension of substation in Campo Armiño (HP Mantaro). New SE Callahuanca, Electroperú.
    • 300 km of access roads, 5 main camps.